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James Bond was a Bird Watcher

   Yes, you read that James Bond was a bird watcher. Of course, you may not be thinking of the same James Bond as I am. Perhaps you would be skeptical if I told you that the legendary fictional British agent 007 was named after a prominent British ornithologist. But it's entirely true....
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A Photographic Journey: Birding Liberty Park

   Every birder has a favorite place to go bird watching. Either because of the number of birds that always are present at the location or because of the particular types of birds that are found at the location. One location that I like to travel to every once in a while is Liberty Park....
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Watch out for ticks while you are birding this spring and summer

   Whenever you are outdoors you run the risk of getting bitten by a tick. However, when you are outdoors all the time and in prime tick habitat as birders always are, the risk gets even higher (of course). Below I have posted a handy infographic containing all the information that you...
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The Northern Bobwhite: Population Decline and Conservation Efforts

   The unmistakable calls of the Northern Bobwhite once rang out all across the United States, from the Great Plains to the eastern seaboard. Less than a decade later, the once familiar call of the Northern Bobwhite had become almost unknown; the call was heard seldom in the same places...
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Birds of Ohio Field Checklist Updated!

   The Birds of Ohio Field Checklist was recently updated to include fillable form fields. Now you can keep track of the birds that you see digitally. To download version 3.0 of the checklist, click here.  
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Put up Your Hummingbird Feeders!

   It's time to put up your hummingbird feeders! The Hummingbirds are back in Ohio! According to the map at the popular shows the first report of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird in Ohio being submitted on April 2nd. Below is a screen shot of the migration map...
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Rare Bird: Cackling Goose

   Following an eBird rare bird report, I found a pair of Cackling Geese, rare to Ohio, on Tuesday (March 31). Cackling Geese are nearly identical to Canada Geese, except that they are about half the size, have stubby bills, and a different call. See my photo below. The Cackling Goose is...
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Playing Around with Low Shutter Speeds

   Every now and then I will pick up my camera and start messing around with the settings and try to something new about it. One of the things that I just recently learned is that it is actually capable of having a lower shutter setting than 1. I had always assumed that 1 is where my...
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American Woodcock Nest!

   Last weekend while I was hunting for shed antlers, I happened upon a most unexpected find- the nest of an American Woodcock! The only reason I found it at all is because I was focused on the ground and as I came near it moved ever so slightly, thus drawing my attention to it. There,...
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Decorah Eagle News

First egg of 2014

   Today at 4:55 PM CST (5:55 EST), the female eagle laid D18 (their 18th egg). Any other eggs to be laid should be here in about 2-3 days. The Decorah eagles have laid 3 eggs every year since their second year nesting. Video posted below.

Barred owls harass Decorah eagle on the nest

   The female eagles was sitting on the nest on Thrudsday night (2/20) when she was 'attacked' by barred owls. Though the owls never enter the camera's view, you can hear them calling as the female eagle straightens and flaps her wings at the intruders. A video of the incident is posted...