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More migrants, more birds on the life list

   In twenty short minutes today I added two birds to my life list, once again in a flock of fall migrants. I was taking a quick walk through the woods behind my house, not expecting to see many (if any) birds, but I was pleasantly surprised on that end. I entered the woods and neither...
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First fall warbler migrants of 2014!

   At 3:30 this afternoon I decided to take a walk around the trail through the woods behind my house. I was hoping (as I have been on nearly every trip that I have taken since September rolled around) to catch a few early migrants. I every spring and fall (fall, especially) I get revved...
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Your favorite fall feathered friends return

   This time of year, many of my articles focus on fall migration. However, this article focuses not on fall migration, but the year-round forest dwellers that emerge in the fall to find food sources for the winter. Already I have seen (or heard) Carolina chickadees, downy woodpeckers,...
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How do birds cool down?

      Drawn from a recent trip birding at a nearby lake, I have a scientific post for today. The topic: how birds cool down. I will start off by simply stating that birds do not sweat. So just how do they cool down? Take a close look at the screen shot posted below of one...
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New template

   Birds of Ohio is currently experimenting with a new template and website layout. This is the only thing changing on the website- the content and blog posts will stay unaltered. Please continue to check back (and vote for us on Fat Birder, which is at the bottom of the homepage!), and...
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Common nighthawks on the move

   Towards dusk this evening, at approximately 7:20 PM, I saw my first ever common nighthawk. It was just about half a mile from my house, on a road that I travel every week. At first I thought the long-winged bird off in the distance was a startled killdeer, but when the bird flew...
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Swallow-tailed kite continues in Highland County

   A SWALLOW-TAILED kite has been causing quite a stir for local bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike in Highland county and the surrounding area this week off of New Vienna Road between Jones and Connel roads. The bird was first discovered on the afternoon of August 15. Since then,...
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Science lessons from a mourning dove

   What I did not mention in the title, which you may like to know, is that the 'science lesson' in this article is derived from an undevolped feather from a young mourning dove that became lunch for some other species (whether a hawk or cat or other predator, I don't know). I was out...
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Photographing hummingbirds like a pro

   As you probably know, getting a crystal clear, high quality photo takes alot of time and work, except for one of those occassional lucky shots. But sometimes you wonder, how do the pros manage all of their seemingly flawless photographs where the subject (in this instance, a bird) is...
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Decorah Eagle News

2nd eaglet hatches

   Today (4/4) the second eaglet, D19, hatched. There is now one egg left to hatch, which should do so in just a few days.

First egg hatches

   At 10:22 EST, the first eaglet of the season, D18 hatched. Pictured below is a screen shot of the first glimpse of the newly-hatched eaglet.    The next eggs should hatch 3-4 days apart, and three days after this egg.