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Imagine a world without House Sparrows

   It was 1851 in Albany, New York, when the first ever House Sparrows to be released in North America were set free. There were sixteen original birds that were released. From that day on, the birds quickly began to reproduce and spread. It wouldn't take long before their population...
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Speaking of kinglets...

   If have you read my most recent article, you will be aware that the kinglets have arrived in Ohio. And just today I had a very close encounter with a little Golden-Crowned Kinglet, as I will presently relate.    Around noon today, I was in the kitchen when I heard the...
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Now is the best time to see kinglets in Ohio

   Usually arriving right when the large wave of fall warbler migrants pass through each fall, the kinglets are special little birds. Living in Ohio only during the winter, they are a whole different reason for me to be singing (or at least thinking) a new version of the old Guy Clark...
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House Wren photo

   Nothing much to write about, but I thought that I would share a nice fall bird photo that I took last week of a house wren that perched on a dead tree branch not far from me whilst I was warbler watching. Enjoy!
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Birding Badlands National Park (PHOTOS)

   Over the past week, I was on a trip in South Dakota, exploring the vast barren region commonly known as the badlands.And while my primary purpose was just having a good time in the park admiring all of the natural wonders and wildlife, I was couldn't help but bird watch at the same...
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Disruption on Birding Top 500

   When I joined the Fat Birder's topsite website, Birding Top 500, there was one thing that I came to realize. The Bird Forum was number one, and no other website was gone to send it anywhere but from the top. Bird Guides and the WikiAves Encyclopedia of Brizillian Birding were competing...
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Becoming a better warbler-watcher

   With fall migration gaining traction and the yearly fall mass-migration not far in the future here in the Midwest, it is the perfect time to increase you skill in identifying warblers in their fall plumage. But like many things, this is easier said than done. But there are two main...
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Birding: Then and now

   While I was up in Northern Ohio birding Lake Erie two weeks ago, one evening I was flipping through my  field guide  for no particular purpose, and I noticed many of the birds listed in the book have new names today. Now you need to know that my field guide is one of the old...
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Birding coastal Ohio

   Last weekend I took my annual two-day, two-night trip up to northern Ohio to bird Ohio's Lake Erie shorline. And as always, I had a total blast, even adding a few species to my life list. But then again, don't I always when take this trip? I have written about it previously here, and...
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Decorah Eagle News

2nd eaglet hatches

   Today (4/4) the second eaglet, D19, hatched. There is now one egg left to hatch, which should do so in just a few days.

First egg hatches

   At 10:22 EST, the first eaglet of the season, D18 hatched. Pictured below is a screen shot of the first glimpse of the newly-hatched eaglet.    The next eggs should hatch 3-4 days apart, and three days after this egg.