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Baby Killdeer Rescued

   This video, posted to YouTube on March 23, shows a young Killdeer rescued from a PVC pipe which it was stuck in. See the video below:
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An Unexpected Lifer

   A fairly new tradition of mine is to go out on the first warm, wet night in March and look for frogs and salamanders in the woods behind my house. So far, I haven't been that lucky. Last year I found several different varieties of frogs along with some other interesting organisms such...
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Spring is here!

   The season of spring officially begins on March 20. But if you ask the birds, it is already here. In just a matter of days, the thick blanket of snow and ice covering most of Ohio has vanished and the list of birds sining has increased daily. Yes, spring is here whether the calendar...
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Bird Feeder Lists

   If you are an avid bird watcher, then you probably feed the birds. If not, you should start, and here is why. If you are a bird watcher, then you obviously like to see birds, and lots of 'em. When feeding birds during the winter you can often see at least 15 species in a day, sometimes...
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Ohio's Winter Birds

   There are far too many birds that winter in Ohio to list here. If you were to whittle down the list of Ohio's winter bird species to just the species that live in Ohio only in winter, heading out of the state in Spring, the list would still be far too long to discuss in a simple...
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How to Photograph Sharp-Shinned Hawks

   If you have been visitng my website for a while (about two years), then perhaps you may remember the story about the Cooper's Hawk that crashed into my window and knocked itself out. Well, nearly the exact same thing happened yesterday. Only a few details were changed, but almost...
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Black Grouse in Snow Burrows

   This video captures several Black Grouse exploding out of their snow burrows. You can see their tracks through the snow and then a hole, but how far the grouse burrowed from the entry point is amazing. Watch the video below:   Black Grouse* *Photo by Steve Garvie from...
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Fighting Grouse... and a Golden Eagle

   What happens when you cross two Wood Grouse and a Golden Eagle? A neat video. While two male Wood Grouse are battling each other, a Golden Eagle swoops in to show them who the boss really is. The amazing thing is how incorrigible the frist grouse is, even after the Golden Eagle was...
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Pelican Caught on Fishing Line

   While fishing, many things other than fish get caught. My brother once caught a snapping turtle, I have caught snakes, and now someone hooked... yep, you read the headline right. A pelican. Check out the cell phone video posted to YouTube. After reeling in the pelican, the guy that...
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Decorah Eagle News

2nd eaglet hatches

   Today (4/4) the second eaglet, D19, hatched. There is now one egg left to hatch, which should do so in just a few days.

First egg hatches

   At 10:22 EST, the first eaglet of the season, D18 hatched. Pictured below is a screen shot of the first glimpse of the newly-hatched eaglet.    The next eggs should hatch 3-4 days apart, and three days after this egg.