Rare Bird: Cackling Goose

   Following an eBird rare bird report, I found a pair of Cackling Geese, rare to Ohio, on Tuesday (March 31).

Cackling Geese are nearly identical to Canada Geese, except that they are about half the size, have stubby bills, and a different call. See my photo below. The Cackling Goose is in front of a Canada Goose.

Cackling Goose photo DSC00346_zpskks97jzz.jpg

Cackling Goose in front of a Canada Goose

   Note how similar the birds appear, the most notable difference being size.

Cackling Goose photo DSC00347_zpsq7iilo3s.jpg

Cackling Goose

   There are two Cackling Geese in the above photo. Notice how the rear of the Canada Goose in the upper left corner is much larger than either of the Cackling Geese. You can also observe the stubby bills in both photos.

   This species was a lifer for me, also. Not an exceptionally cool lifer, as it is basically just a Canda Goose in appearance, but a lifer nevertheless. Also, it was rare, which makes it slightly more neat. However, the Swallow-Tailed Kite  that I saw last August takes the cake for neatest rare lifer.