Helpful Resources

The list which has been compiled below contains the names of books, links to other websites, and a list of good field guides.


Birds of Ohio Field Guide

Synopsis: Each of the 114 ID's in this book includes a vivid color photo of both the male and female of the species, common name, scientific name, range map, size, plumage discription for both male, female, and juveniles, nesting information, feeding information, and a comparison between similar...

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region

Synopsis: This field guide is helpful because it contains virtually any bird species you are likely to see in the Eastern US. This amazing guide brings 508 bird species to you in one compact book, complete with full-color photographs for each species. Along with the species...

National Audubon Society North American Birdfeeder Handbook

Synopsis: This book contains all of the basic information to get a beginner started in bird watching and bird feeding. The book is divided into five categories. The categories include 'Birds in the Yard', 'Attracting Birds', 'Bird Profiles', 'Behavior Guide', and 'Bird Survival'. In the 'Bird...

The Bluebird Monitor's Guide

Synopsis: This book contains information on how to monitor bluebird nests (of course), common problems that arise and how to deal with them, and stories about sevral big-time-birders that have large bluebirds trails and what they do. Also in the back of the book are sevral designs...


All About Birds

Including comprehensive bird ID's for 588 North American bird species, Cornell Lab's All About is the foremost bird identification website on the net. Each species profile contains expanded information including song and call recordings, range maps, conservation status, length and...

eBird is one of Cornell Lab's many online citizen science projects. Simply report data from your bird watching trips and they do the rest. You submit a checklist with a count of all the bird species that you saw. After you submit the checklist, Cornell Lab sends the completed...
> was the first and is the foremost hummingbird information website on the internet today. Not only does this website include information on 17 hummingbird species, but is best known for the migration maps that track the northward migration...

Lake Erie Birding Trail

   The Lake Erie Birding Trail (LEBT) website contains much information on bird watching, including area checklists, the basics, what to know before you visit the LEBT, birding resources, and much more, as well as information on each of the birding trails.  

Nest Watch

Yet another of Cornell Lab's citizen science projects, Nest Watch tracks bird nesting success across the country. After passing a short test, you will be allowed to enter nesting data into their interactive website. Scientists then use the data to measure nesting success of bird species in the US...

Sialis is the only bluebird website on the internet that icnludes information for anything you can imagine, as long as it is related to bluebirds. Unless you visit Sialis, you won't be able to imagine how much information is included on one website on bluebirds. Visit Sialis today and...

Field Checklists

Birds of Ohio Field Checklist

Publisher: Birds of Ohio   Overview: Birds of Ohio's very own field checklist. Covering 330 Ohio birds species. Denotes common, uncommon, and rare species as well as species that breed annually in Ohio. Fillable form fields so that you can keep track of the birds that you have...

Birds of Magee Marsh

Publisher: Ohio Division of Wildlife   Overview: Includes 348 species, listed as abundant, common, uncommon, occasional, rare, and accidental. Denotes local nesters and time range (eg. summer, winter, etc.). Also includes brief notes on each species.   Download: Birds of Magee Marsh...

Choosing Field Guides-

  • See the full-length article about what to look for in a quality field guide on the Birding Basics subpage, or click here.

Misc. Downloads

Birds of Ohio Nest Box Data Sheet

Publisher: Birds of Ohio   Overview: This data sheet is intended to help you keep tidy records of all of your nest box activity. Formatted to fit just enough visits until the birds fledge, this sheet allows you to keep records of how many eggs are laid, hatched, and how many actually survive...