Popular Destinations

This page contains a list of popular birding destinations in Ohio. With each location, a website (if available), maps, and some information is listed.

Popular Ohio Birding Destinations

Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area

   Killdeer Plains State Wildlife Area is a popular location for both hunting and bird watching. Located in north-central Ohio, Killdeer Plains State Wildlife Area is made of of 9,230 acres of farmland in Wyandot County. This area is a good location for viewing farmland bird species such...

Magee Marsh

   Magee Marsh Wildlife Area is center of activity every year at the Biggest Week in American Birding. The boardwalk going through a swampy wooded area is a popular destination for warbler-watchers every spring and fall as large flocks of the birds migrate through the area. In...

Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area

   Located only 9 miles from the popular Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Metzger Marsh is a less-visited area, but still a great spot for birdwatching any time of year. A large number of warbler and vireo species can be viewed here in the...

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

   Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (ONWR) is one of the most popular biridng destinations in the state. Right on the shores of Lake Erie, the refuge includes vast areas of wetland, and a path right along the beach, leading a short ways through nearby woods, and past crane creek. The...

For More Information:

  • Please visit the Lake Erie Birding Trail website.

Birder Resources-

  • You can download field checklists for your trips one the 'Resources' page.
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