Playing Around with Low Shutter Speeds

   Every now and then I will pick up my camera and start messing around with the settings and try to something new about it. One of the things that I just recently learned is that it is actually capable of having a lower shutter setting than 1. I had always assumed that 1 is where my particular camera ended. What I didn't know is that it was actually capable of having the shutter set at 30". So what exactly does a 30" shutter setting mean? It means that the camera shutter will stay open for a full thirty seconds.

   When I learned this I instantly considered all of the possibilities that now lay at my fingertips. I could now attempt light painting, photograph the stars, make light trail and star trail photos, and even photograph lightning! I began immediately. I started with light painting. Below was the result when I tried to write 'Junior'.

 photo DSC00293_zpswt1ka5eb.jpg

My first attempt at light painting

   The hardest part is that you have to write the word backwards making each letter backwards, also. As you can see, I did good except for on the 'J' and 'U', which are backwards. I guess I could always just write a word normally and flip the image digitally. Anyways, I had quite a bit of fun with my first attempt in 'light painting'.

   After I had finished with the above, I went outside to set up a night shot of the stars. I decided to place them above a barn. I must say that I was quite pleased with my attempt. Below is the result:

 photo DSC00305_zpscvydorio.jpg

My first attempt at night photography

   So, what is your camera capable of? Find out and have fun.