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Red Knot Subspecies Listed as Threatened

   You may (but probably won't) remember when I wrote about this subject in 2013. In 2013, the Red Knot was proposed to be listed as 'threatened' under the Endangered Species Act. Now, nearly two full years later, one of North America's two subspecies of the Red Knot has been officially...
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RARE BIRD: Loggerhead Shrike in Ohio!

   You may remember my posts in August of the Swallow-Tailed Kite in Highland County that I was lucky enough to see before it left the area. Now you will be pleased to know (if you live in the area) that there is another rare bird that has been continuing in Ohio for several days. A...
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Can birds sense incoming storms?

   One of the facts about scientific research is that many times the answer that is being specifically sought goes undiscovered, and a quite unintended discovery is made instead. Such was an interesting case in 2013 concerning birds and storms. Last year while researchers were...
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Swimming Owl?

   My first reaction at seeing a video of a swimming Great-Horned Owl last week was that, to me, it looked fake. The video began making rounds not only on bird websites, but also made several large news sites. After the popularity of the video, I decided to post it. But it is for you to...
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Birding Ohio's Clifton Gorge

   Last Sunday I travelled north to historic Clifton, Ohio, to hike and bird the trails in Clifton Groge State Nature Preserve. For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, not only does the preserve have numerous trails, but it is also right beside John Bryan State Park which has...
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Can birds count?

   Can birds count? Your first guess may be 'no', but a new study suggests otherwise. The study shows a New Zealand robin appearing to be able to count mealworms in a dish. While the robin was nearby watching a person drop two worms into the dish, and then secretly sliding a false bottom...
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Is species relocation a big deal?

   After just reading the title of my article, some of you may be confused. What is ‘species relocation’, anyways? Perhaps I should have entitled this article ‘Is climate change going to drive birds from their range?’After all, that is what many people believe will happen because of...
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...And now American Robins

   Several articles back, I wrote about Golden-Crowned Kinglets. And as chance would have it, a few days after a Golden-Crowned Kinglet crashed into my window, which I wrote about here.    In case you need a recap of the latter article, I was in the kitchen when I heard a bird...
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Eagle cam goes live for the 2014-15 nesting season

   Birds of Ohio's LIVE streaming Bald Eagle cam is now live for the 2014-15 nesting season. You can view the live streaming by clicking here, or by clicking the 'Eagle Cam' tab in the site menu. The FAQ's are addressed at the bottom of the eagle cam page.
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Decorah Eagle News

2nd eaglet hatches

   Today (4/4) the second eaglet, D19, hatched. There is now one egg left to hatch, which should do so in just a few days.

First egg hatches

   At 10:22 EST, the first eaglet of the season, D18 hatched. Pictured below is a screen shot of the first glimpse of the newly-hatched eaglet.    The next eggs should hatch 3-4 days apart, and three days after this egg.