Speaking of kinglets...

   If have you read my most recent article, you will be aware that the kinglets have arrived in Ohio. And just today I had a very close encounter with a little Golden-Crowned Kinglet, as I will presently relate.

   Around noon today, I was in the kitchen when I heard the familiar 'thump' that I have come to associate with another bird hitting the window, which is actually fairly common this time of year now that my bird feeders are up. And surprisingly, even with my dog (which loves to hunt little critters, no, everything, including birds) running loose in the backyard, very few actually die (either from the collision, or my dog). I have come to the point where I run outside every time I hear this noise, so that I can try to save any potentially dazed bird from the scavenging nose of my dog. But today I looked out, and saw nothing. Even my dog didn't see anything (usually she spots them before me, and then we race for the bird), so I returned to the house.

   Upon reaching the window where I had heard the thud, I took one last look out the window, and that is when I saw a briht yellow stripe lying on the deck. I instantly knew that this was a Golden-Crowned Kinglet, and so I raced out the door and scooped it up before my dog even knew what was going on. After locking my dog off of the deck, I went inside with the bird to let it revive some, and also to photograph it, two of which are below.

 photo DSC09657_zps0f1b0de7.jpg

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

Golden-Crowned Kinglet photo DSC09658_zps78a3f4ef.jpg

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

   It didn't take long before the little guy began to look around, and hop around on my hand. I decided at this time the little guy was about ready to be released. But first there was one thing I had to do. I had photographed him on my hand, but that's not good enough. I wanted a photo of him in his natural habitat. And it just so happens that dazed birds are quite agreeable when it comes to being posed and photographed. The result follows:

 photo golden-crowned-kinglet_edit1jpg_zps3f9f6dd7.jpg

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

   As long as nobody asks how I got such a good photo, I should be good. That reminds me of the hawk...