Disruption on Birding Top 500

   When I joined the Fat Birder's topsite website, Birding Top 500, there was one thing that I came to realize. The Bird Forum was number one, and no other website was gone to send it anywhere but from the top. Bird Guides and the WikiAves Encyclopedia of Brizillian Birding were competing for number two and three, with number four staying fairly steady with British Garden Birds, and number five being held by 10,000 birds, and number 6 being held by Avibase.

   In life, things always get disrupted from the norm, however, as was the situation on Birding Top 500 yesterday. It all started when, out of nowhere, the website Focusing On Wildlife worked it's way out of the depths, disrupting other websites which have been steady for months (some even years) at a certain number. It finally settled at number 3. But then, for the first time in the three years that I have been a member of Birding Top 500, Bird Guides pushed The Bird Forum down to second place, becomin the new #1.

   The top 7 websites had been changing ranking dramatically for two days, but now on day three, things seemed to have steadied out a bit. The Bird Forum is back at #1, with Bird Guides coming in second, and Focusing on Wildlife settled at #4. If you want to vote for me, you can go to the home page and scroll to the very bottom. Click the Birding Top 1,000 counter and then click 'enter and vote'. You can do this once a day, or each visit. Thanks for your support!

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