Is species relocation a big deal?

   After just reading the title of my article, some of you may be confused. What is ‘species relocation’, anyways? Perhaps I should have entitled this article ‘Is climate change going to drive birds from their range?’After all, that is what many people believe will happen because of ‘climate change’. I almost did just that, but I was afraid of making my readers think that I believe in ‘climate change’. I DO NOT. Of course, you should never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, an author by their article title. However, it is sadly the case that most birdwatchers these days are almost without exception, the tree-hugging, climate-change believing types. I am not one of them, nor do I wish to be associated with them.

File:Lapland Longspur - Calcarius lapponicus - Sportittlingur 2.jpg

Lapland Longspur, one of the species 'threatened' by range reduction due to 'climate change'

   That said, let’s get back to the topic at hand: Climate change. I have seen multiple articles on multiple websites recently reporting that ‘climate change’ may cause birds to abandon their natural ranges, perhaps eliminating up to 90% of the birds range, cramming all of that unfortunate species in to 10% of the area that they used to occupy. Of course you can imagine the disaster which would result if this did happen. Can you even imagine how much competition would be taking place within the species simply because 90% of the population was squished into 10% of the area that they had previously been occupying? Not to mention that their food would diminish extraordinarily quickly. Of course this would be a problem; that is, if it ever occurred. But let’s look at the facts.

   The most recent article that I came across on the subject was on the Weather Channel1. The article starts out with this statement:

‘Don't get too used to seeing the local sparrows and chickadees visiting your backyard bird feeder. According to a new U.S. Geographical Survey study, loss of habitat may force many species to relocate in the coming decades.’

   I suppose some people will see that the US Geological Survey did the study that came up with these results, the facts, and just assume that it is correct, because, after all, it’s a government department. They must know what they’re talking about. But don’t be fooled. It doesn’t really matter who came up with the data; the USGS or any other department or group. No one, repeat no one, has evidence supporting ‘climate change’. Remember how back in the 70’s it was global cooling? When that idea didn’t work out so well, they switched to global warming. And most recently, even the term ‘global warming’ has been abandoned for ‘climate change’. Why? Because they basically have no clue as to what is happening. It isn’t global cooling. It isn’t global warming. And there is no such thing as ‘climate change. Actually, there is. But most of us just call it the seasons.

   True, the temperature does vary from year to year, but it has raised only a very slight amount in the last several decades. But that doesn’t make global warming. It is just the natural cycles of nature happening to raise the global temperature by a fraction of a degree every decade or so. Of course, nothing I say here will convince someone who believes in ‘climate change’ that they are wrong and I am right. But then again, that isn’t even my goal. I’m just looking at the facts, and would encourage you to do the same.

   As many of my readers should know, I make a strong effort to keep this website entirely related to birds and issues concerning birds (as the recent ‘Climate Change’ articles are). However, I attempt to keep political issues out of this website at all costs. I have only failed once, and that is only because another bird blogger posted a blatantly wrong, prejudiced, and altogether immature attack on people that believe as I do, and so I retaliated. But let me make a disclaimer. The topic was nature related (though not necessarily bird related).  And so dear readers, be advised that I am not making any political statements in this article, so don’t read any into it. As it is, it is very sad that ‘climate change’ has become almost exclusively a political issue. It is a scientific issue, and should remain such. Instead, the issue has become way out of hand.

   I would like to make one last statement. If you haven’t yet seen the recent video of the Weather Channel founder John Coleman, I would encourage you to watch it here. Mr. Coleman lays out some facts about the matter, and hopefully clears up some controversial things. In addition, I would encourage you to watch another video by Mr. Coleman, here.

   In closing, ‘climate change’ is NOT happening, plain and simple. It never has, never will, and isn’t happening now. Of course I am going against what probably 99.99% of most birdwatchers believe, but you can’t go against the facts. And what does the fact that ‘climate change’ isn’t occurring actually mean? It means that we can draw the conclusion that we do not need to worry about species being pushed out most of their natural range because of ‘climate change’, or any other reasons, for that matter. It’s all just hype.