The Bluebird Monitor's Guide

Synopsis: This book contains information on how to monitor bluebird nests (of course), common problems that arise and how to deal with them, and stories about sevral big-time-birders that have large bluebirds trails and what they do. Also in the back of the book are sevral designs for bluebird houses.


My Rating:  While this book contains some very helpful information on bluebird monitoring, I dislike how the book is mainly filled with information about people with large bluebird trails and how they deal with them. Personally, this is not important to the topic of the book and the book would be much more helpful if it was just filled with information you need to monitor a bluebird trail well. Even though the majority of the book is not worth while, the information in the beginning of the book is helpful. I would not recommend this book for purchase, but I would recommend it to someone just starting out with bluebirds who just wants the basic information.