National Audubon Society North American Birdfeeder Handbook

Synopsis: This book contains all of the basic information to get a beginner started in bird watching and bird feeding. The book is divided into five categories. The categories include 'Birds in the Yard', 'Attracting Birds', 'Bird Profiles', 'Behavior Guide', and 'Bird Survival'. In the 'Bird Profiles' section of the book, 80 bird ID's are included and provide the following information: Common and scientific name, family (common and scientific), length (English and metric), a range map, a short narrative about the bird, a photo ID of one of the birds (either male or female, occasionally both), plumage discription, voice information, feeding information, and nesting information.

My Rating:  This book is quite helpful to one just starting out in bird watching, but I would not reccomend it for experienced bird watchers. The main thing about this book that I do not like that the bird ID's do not include pictures of both the male and female of the species.