National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region

Synopsis: This field guide is helpful because it contains virtually any bird species you are likely to see in the Eastern US. This amazing guide brings 508 bird species to you in one compact book, complete with full-color photographs for each species. Along with the species photos, the book is sorted by bird shape, which makes it easy to find the bird you are looking for. Simply flip to the section where the shape indicator on the side of the page matches  the shape of the bird you saw. Also included is plumage description, range maps, habitat information, voice information and nesting information.


My Rating:  This book is a very helpful guide all considered, but due to the age of the guide (revised in 1994), the photos are not nearly as clear as in modern guides. I do like the shape indicator on the page sides very much, and I also like that not only is a range map included (which is a must in all field guides), but habitat information is included as well.