Dark-Eyed Junco

Photo: Dark-Eyed Junco//Junior Barnes

   The Dark-Eyed Junco is a common winter bird species throughout the entire state, and is often viewed as the herald of winter, much as the American Robin is the heral of spring. Though the common name is 'junco', the Dark-Eyed Junco is actully a member of the sparrow family- Emberizidae.

   The Dark-Eyed Junco had multiple color variations that vary with range. Some of the variations include Pink-Sided, Oregon, and Slate-Colored. These were once all seperate junco species, but are now all grouped as one, the Dark-Eyed Junco. The Slate-Colored variation occurs in Ohio (pictured).

   The male Dark-Eyed Junco is a slate gray above and white below. The female is colored similarly, but with a lighter gray color above. Both species have a small, pink colored bill. In flight, the outer tail feathers show white, while the inner portion is gray.

File:Dark Eyed Junco (4197285877).jpg

Female Dark-Eyed Junco*


*Photo via Wikimedia Commons