American Woodcock

   The American Woodcock is an early migrant to Ohio, beginning nesting as early as March. The American Woodcock dwells in low woodland areas near water, often in or near swampy areas. The prefer young-growth forests, and nest within about 100 yards of an open grassy area, in most instances. The American Woodcock has several nicknames, including the 'timberdoodle', 'bog sucker', and 'big eye'. American Woodcocks eat primarily worms, which they capture with their long bills while probing in the mud. Woodcocks are primarily nocturnal, and their calls, commonly given the mnemonic 'peent', is often heard at dusk and well after dark as the birds call to communicate. Woodcocks are generally solitary, but can form small groups of several birds on ocassion. Male and female American Woodcocks look alike.


Photo: Public Domain