You go birdwatching, but what about hunting?

   You go birdwatching, maybe even bird-photographin, but what about fowl hunting?

September 1st., 2012 marked the first day of Dove Season '12. Most of you are familiar with this small game bird. But have you ever considered hunting them? Usually mourning doves are very common, up until the day dove season opens up, and then they seem to disappear.

 Though not much meat is on a single dove, 15 of them can make a nice treat for a family of 5. Dove aren't very hard to hunt. All you need is an area frequented by doves, a hunting weapon, and, of course, the doves themsaelves.

 Be sure to check local hunting laws and regulations for your area, or the area you will be hunting at. Things to keep in mind include: Will you be hunting on your own land, state land, or private land? Get permission from land owners before hunting on their land. What about bag limits? In your area are you allowed to harvest 5 a day or 15 a day? Do you have a valid hunting license?


 Keep in mind gun safety, also. Always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction. Never point a gun at somthing unless you intend to shoot it. Treat all guns as if they were loaded, even if you know for certain that they are not. Never point a gun at an object unless you now for certain what the object is, and if you intend to shoot it.


 *NOTE: These are not all the rules/regulations/laws/guidelines for hunting and gun safety. Look up the laws and regulations for hunting and gun use in your area, or where you will be hunting/shooting. Look up more gun safety information for yourself, and follow all gun laws and hunting laws.


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