When Should I Take Down my Bird Feeders?

   If you don't keep your bird feeders up year-round like many (including myself) don't, the question "when should I take down my bird feeders?" might arise. The prime time to put up bird feeders is in the middle of October when birds begin their search for a reliable food source to last the winter... But what about taking them down? Usually the second week in March is when I take down my bird feeders. This is not a professional opinion; it is my own (but then, I guess that means professional?). I take down my feeders at this time because by then the weather is fairly warm, and natural food sources are becoming more and more available as spring and summer approach. Birds will eat the buds beginning to sprout on trees, they will eat and early arriving insects, and they will also find other feeders that haven't been taken down yet. Not only is this a good time to take down bird feeders, but it saves money because you don't have to supply seed any longer until next October.

   There is one drawback to taking down feeders in March, however. Many people like to leave their feeders up as late as April. They like to attract (and usually with much success) migrating grosbeaks, buntings, and other migrating bird species. Also, put up your bird bath in March if you don't sustain one all year round. It will attract birds that don't eat seeds like bluebirds, waxwings, and robins. One last note... Put out your orange halves, grape jelly, and/or oriole feeders in the first or second week of March. The orioles (Baltimrore and Orchard alike) will be back in April and the sooner your fruit is out the better. This is beacause if the birds migrate slightly early, you don't want to miss them. It is easier to attract them when they are arriving than when they are already there. These are all of the bird feeding tips I have for now.

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