What Does a Warbler Look Like?

   What does a warbler look like? There is a wide variety of colors packed in the warbler family. Warblers are best described as small colorful perching birds.

 The warbler family has many colors, ranging from white to blue. Out of all American warblers, yellow is probably the most prominent color, with black being second. Only a few have some blue tints.

 Here is a picture of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler (also 'Myrtle Warbler and 'Audubon's Warbler'):


 This is probably one of the most common warbler species. At Magee Marsh in spring, you are almost sure of seeing at least one of them. All warblers are basically shaped the same way, and most are brightly colored.


 The vividly colord Blackburnian Warbler is one of the brightest warbler out there:


  Only a few warblers have a blue tint to them, but the Cerulean Warbler is more than just slightly tinted blue:


 Although most warblers are brightly colored like the Yellow Warbler:


 Some are only black and white and rather drab, but not ugly:


 Some warblers actually do not have 'warbler' in their name, though they are indeed in the warbler family. The Yellow-Breasted Chat:

And the Common Yellowthroat:


 Even though these warblers do not have 'warbler' in their name, they do look like warblers.

And a handful of warblers are not vividly colored, but still not ugly, like the Chestnut-Sided Warbler:

And the Bay-Breasted Warbler:


 Though the coloration of warblers varies greatly, the size and shape is the same (except with a few exceptions, like the Yellow-Breasted Chat which is much larger than other warblers).


 I would describe a warbler as 'A small perching bird that is usually brightly colored with a high-pitched chirping song'.



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