Webmaster's Life List Reaches 101 Species!

   The day I have been waiting for the entire year has finaly come. I have seen over 100 bird species in my lifetime. The two birds that broke the 100 mark and raised me to 101 bird species were both shorebirds seen at East Harbor SP in northern Ohio along lake Erie. The 100th. bird was the Least Sandpiper, and the 101st. species was the Dunlin. I actually did not know that they were different species until I looked at my photos on big screen (I will not post the photos here due to lack of storage space on my website and the large size of the photos).

   The trip when I saw these two new birds was a fantastic trip, overall. I saw three new lifers and a adult Bald Eagle. In my life, I have seen three Bald Eagles. The first was a juvenile at Rocky Fork SP, and the second and third were seen at East Harbor SP (on different trips). The three lifers were the Least Sandpiper and Dunlin (of course) and the Bonaparte's Gull (non-breeding plumage, naturally).


  Well, not much more to say on the matter. Check out my full life list here.

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