Utah Eagles Mysteriously Dying

   Bald Eagles are mysteriously dying in Utah and nobody seems to know the reason why. This month already 12 birds have died. All of the birds show the same signs before dying.

“They were showing signs of body tremors, they would have seizures, they appeared to be paralyzed and they had weakness in their feet and in their legs,” DaLyn Erickson-Marthaler, employee of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Utah told KSL-TV.

Poisoning is unlikely because the birds are all dying from different locations. In the case of poisoning, the birds would all be dying in relatively close proximity to each other.

“Usually if you have something, say like a poisoning or something like that, usually you find them in small geographical areas or something along those lines,” said Utah Division of Wildlife Resources disease coordinator Leslie McFarlane.

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