Two Nests: 2013 Eagle Cam Season Uncertain

   On October 26th. the Raptor Resource Project (RRP) discovered that the Decorah eagle pair were in the process constructing a second nest. This would be their third nest. The first fell during a windstorm a few years ago when a supporting branch broke off of the nest tree. While it is not uncommonfor Bald eagles to build another nest while they already have a nest in usable condition, it may mean bad news for the 2013 eagle cam season viewers.

   Peviously this year, new equipment was added to their nest (the 2012 nest), and is ready for a season of eagle nesting, but if the eagles choose to use their new nest, however, the new equipment will not be able to be added to the new nest before nesting season, resulting in a year without the Decorah cam. While waiting to see what decision the eagle pair will make, webmaster Junior Barnes stated:

"In the case that we will not see the Decorah eagles all year, we will just have to deal with other eagles for a year. Whatever happens, we won't go without an eagle cam. There are plenty out there that we can use."

  Will the eagles use their old nest, and enable us to watch them this year? Or will they use the new nest and will we go one year without the Decorah cam?


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