Trip to Wildlife Refuge Proves Rewarding (PHOTOS)

During a trip to ONWR, I added 10 birds to my lifelist. The warblers were just appearing, so I saw 2 different types. I saw Yellow-Rumped Warblers (Quite a few of them), and I saw 1 Chestnut-Sided Warbler, but I wasn't luck enough to photograph it. I also hear a few visitors say they saw a Palm Warbler, but I did not share the excitement.

 I also was lucky enough to see a Bald Eagle at North Shore SP (also a Yellow-Rumped Warbler)

 I saw all of the songbirds at Magee Marsh Board Walk, except for a few Yellow-Rumped Warblers at North Shore SP. The Bald Eagle was sighted at North Shore SP, also. Most of the water birds, however, were sighted at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (ONWR), during the Drive-Through Auto Tour.

 The Wood Duck was spotted on the ONWR trail behind the visitors center, and I saw a heron and some swallows at North Shore SP, also.

Most of the swallows, Tree and Barn Swallows, were sighted right around the ONWR visitors center and during the Drive Through Auto Tour,

 I also saw what may have been a juvenile Bald Eagle during the Auto Tour, but it was sitting on a dead tree to far away for me to verify my suspicion.

It was a great trip, as I added 10 birds to my life list, saw a Bald Eagle, and my first to types of warblers!

 Here are a few photos from the trip: (BELOW IN SEPERATE PHOTO GALLERY)