Today's Topic: Duck Migration

  Today's Topic: Duck Migration.

Strange topic, huh? Actually, no. Ducks might seem like common, everyday birds you can see at any body of water, but, like with any bird, it requires being at the right place at the right time.

  With mallard probably being the most common duck around, it can actually be pretty tricky to see other duck species, though there are certainly alot of them. Duck migration begins early... real early. In Ohio you probably want to start going to the local lakes and ponds in search of ducks around February. Yes, it is still pretty chilly in Ohio in February, but hey, if you want to see some ducks than you have to deal with it. Ducks are currently migrating back south, so now would be a good time to go duck searching. Much better weather outside in August and September than  in 15o weather and snowing with 12 MPH winds.

Granted, you may see more ducks in February, but for now it is August and soon to be September. At the local lake in my area the American Coots and Great Egrets are just starting to arrive, which means in about a week the lake should be teaming with ducks.

  In March when I went to the same lake there were tens of flocks consisiting of hundred of Coots each. I missed the other ducks. Should have been there a month earlier.

  I have seen a few Blue-Winged Teals also this year, but not many of them.

I would suggest going to your local lake in about a week if you want to see any ducks this year. I would geuss any time between now and the end of September there should be ducks everywhere.


 Did you know? Only female ducks are true 'ducks'. Male ducks are known as drakes.