Temporary Website Upgrade

   Just for fun, Birds of Ohio was upgraded for a 3 month period. So, from exactly 3 months from today, this special service will end. This special was given by our web hosts, Webnode, to every customer for three months as a Christmas gift (and hoping we will give them a gift by subscribing to premium services!). I took advantage of the offer just for fun. I could change the website address from birdsofohio.webnode.com to birdsofohio.com, but since this feature would end in three months, I won't do it because I don't want any readers to get confused and think my website is gone when my web address is doesn't work. So, if anything is new, get used to it for 3 months! Webnode logos... gone! Password protected pages... here (for a limited time only)! My own favicon... here! Have fun! I know I will (for at least three months, anyways!)!

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Cool! sounds like Crazyfunville! your websites groovy awesome already! Three moths wild liberation from square site providers will have yuo to the moon!


cool dude! x-cited for ya! Let's enjoy it whilst it lasts!!
Merry Christmas........remember the reason for the season.............
Love Ya!!

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