Stopping House Sparrows

   Many people will often do just about anything to keep the large House Sparrow populous off of their bird feeders. Ideas are traded between friends and fellow bird watcher's, and ideas are circulated on forums. Many suggest changing seed types to offer a menu less desirable to House Sparrows. But is there is a more simple way. This remedy actually works, and doesn't require changing anytrhing about your current bird feeding situation. This method has two options. Store bought, or homemade. I prefer homemade, as this method costs literally nothing while the store bough option, on the other hand, costs around $30. The solution: a 'Magic Halo'.

   At first I was skeptical... but I am now a firm beleiver in 'Magic Halo's'. They work better than I could have veer hoped. The halo is nothing more than a round loop of wire supported above a feeder with small weighted strings hanging from the sides. For some reason, the sparrows are hesitant to go under the halo, 'magically' freeing your feeders from the power of the sparrow. And here's the clincher: It only affects House Sparrows. That's right. A perfectly easy to make item that repels House Sparrows and only House Sparrows from your feeders, without changing anything about your feeder setup or the type of seeds you offer.


   To make a Magic Halo on your own, follow these steps:


    What you'll need:

  • A wire clothes hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 4-6 zip ties

    What to do:

  1. Cut the two ends of the hanger where the wire is wrapped to make the hanging hook.
  2. Discard the hanging hook.
  3. Wrap the two loose ends of the wire around each other to form a complete loop.
  4. Hand 4-6 zip ties on the loop, evely spaced.
  5. Hang the completed product over your bird feeder.

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