Snow and Birds

If you have up bird feeders, one thing you have probably learned is that when there is no snow, the birds are less dependant on your feeders. Once it snows, however, birds that have been away and not visiting your feeders will show up... snow does wonder for bird feeders. Just why, though, does snow do this to the birds? Here is the reason. Most birds, like tufted titmice or red-bellied woodpeckers, prefer  to find food on their own. Only a few species are true freeloaders (like house sparrows). Most birds have class and woldn't visit feeders 24/7 (unlike European birds). When snow hits the birds natural food source is covered in cold white stuff. It is especially tough-to-get when two or more inches of snow falls. Not only is the natural food choice for these birds covered up, but the cold weather makes the birds use up more energy trying to stay warm. That is why in this type of weather suet is a good option to offer for the birds. Not only does it attract a wide variety of bird species, but it is high energy because of the fat content. One last thing to say... pray for snow! You want snow! The birds go to your feeders for snow!

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