Reason for Utah Eagle Deaths Discovered

   As I previously reported, Bald Eagles have been mysteriously dying in Utah and nobody seemed to know why. To jog your memory I will post a short recap: All of the eagles had been showing the same signs of ilness, namely siezures and paralysis, among others. Due to the fact that all of the affected eagles were spread out across the entire state, the cause of poisoning had been ruled out.

   The numbers of dead eagles has upped from twelve birds to over two dozen. The cause has been identified as West Nile virus. The birds were not thought to have been infected from mosquitos carrying the virus, but rather from eating infected waterfowl. Thousands of Utah waterfowl also died from the virus.

   At least 27 eagles have been confirmed to have died from the virus, with 5 more that have been treated and seem to be recovering.

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