Product review: Ameristep tent chair blind

Price: $80

Value for price: Good

Overview: The Ameristep tent chair blind is a single-person pop-up multi-use blind. Originally intended for use while hunting, but also works as a photography blind. Has multiple large-opening and small-opening flaps on the front and sides for exceptional view whilst inside. The blind is composed of a regular camp chair fitted with metal hoops which support the 'blind' itself, which are raised simply by flipping the canopy over the back of the chair. Realtree camo color.

Pros: Easy to use, light weight, overall well-made, plenty of openings allowing shots in virtually any direction, roomy, sports a cupholder and many pockets.

Cons: Not waterproof.

My review: The Ameristep tent chair blind is reasonably priced and well-made. There are plenty of openings to allow shots in almost any direction, and the inside of the blind is very roomy. There is a cupholder and multiple pouches for holding your various gadgets. The chair is comfortable if you have to sit for a long time in await of your quarry. The blind is not waterproof, so don't plan on going out in the rain. The blind is easy to set up. All you do is seat yourself in the chair and flip the canopy (at the back of the chair) over your head. There are sevral grommeted holes to stake down the blind in windy conditions. Overall, a good buy for the price and quality.

My Rating: 5/5

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