Popular NBG Eagle Nest Removed Because of Nearby Airports 'Safety Concerns'

   The popular NBG Bald Eagle cam, located in the Norfolk Bottanicals Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia, was a huge sucess. Usually drawing over 5,000 viewers at one time, the cam was a very popular destination for many people wanting to view a live eagle cam. The eagles have nested in the garden since 2004, but built a new nest in 2008 (the nest which was used for the last 3 years). All was going well with the eagles. Every year the successfully raised two or three eaglets. But after the female eagle died by getting hit by an airplane from the nearby Norfolk International Airport, everything went downhill. Two eagles getting killed by powerlines earlier in the year didn't help matters. Nuts were suggesting that the powerlines in the garden should be burried to stop the powerline-realted deaths, and now the airport was a problem. Just recently, the high-ups (whoever they are) decided that the nest should be completely removed. What? In the 9 years that the NBG eagles have nested in te garden, only ONE eagle has been killed by the planes! They took down the nest! What do they think? The eagles won't build another nest? They will just build another nest somewhere else. I hope other cam viewers are as annoyed as I am. Oh well... I must look at the bright side... Less competition for the Decorah Eagle cam... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


 Oh yeah... I should mention this quote about the Norfolk Botanical Garden: "On a global scale, our electrical infrastructure kills millions of
birds annually."
Shouldn't the gardens be shut down???

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