My First Eastern Meadowlark EVER! (PHOTOS)

  This past week I have seen my first Eastern Meadowlark on our property. I heard a loud bird that I never have heard before. I rabbed the camera, zoomed in, and it happened to be an Eastern Meadowlark! Here are a few photos.


 Figure 1: Eastern Meadowlark Singing on Fencepost



Figure 2: Eastern Meadowlark on Fencepost


  Given that I am a lousy blogger, I have decided that I will add more information other than the above penned info. (Hereafter lies thus of which I do so solemnly speak)

   Here is a quick ID for the Eastern Meadowlark:

The Eastern Meadowlark dines mainly on insects and forages in tall grass, and probably will catch insects in-flight, and will also eat berries, also. The Eastern Meadowlark is a bird that prefers to live in large, open, grassy areas, hence the name Meadowlark.

 Eastern Meadowlark's reside in the Northern Ohio area during spring and summer only (and possibly fall), but, however, their range covers the entire northern state during this period. They do live in Southern Ohio year round.

 Here is the Eastern Meadowlark Range Map:

Figure 3: Eastern Meadowlark Range Map (Copyright 2011 Birds of Ohio; Hand-Drawn Map by Junior Barnes)


 To see the complete Eastern Meadowlark ID (Including range map, photo ID, song and call, and much more) click here to visit our ID's site.