'Magic Halo' Review

(IGNORE MISSPELLED WORDS; THERE ARE PROBABLY ALOT OF THEM...thats what happens when I get in a hurry...)

   I was skeptical at first... I began hearing reports that if you take a loop of stiff wire with smmaller, thinner wire with weights attached to the bottom ends, and hang it above you bird feeders, the house sparrows will 'magically' disappear. I didn't believe it. Not wanting to waste $24.99 on one at the store, I took a shabby, flims, thin, and altogether dislikeable wire hanger and unwound it where it winds up near the hook-like section of it and formed it into one giant loop. I then wound it together and hung it above the bird feeders. Not having any wire or weights to use, I was abbout to use weigthed string* when I decided (upon suggestion) to use none other than wire ties. I gathered up four black and white wire ties, two of each color, and made sure that they were about six inches long. I placed them evenly apart and pulled them as tightly on the loop as I could. Now for the final test... wait and see if the sparrows disappear. And wait I did... I waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... Finally, when I had decided that I had finally waited long enough (I am still waiting to see if  waited long enough), I check my progress. No sparrows! The next day? No sparrows! True enough, the sparrows were there, to be sure. There, indeed. But the main difference was, the sparrows weren't on the feeder with the 'magic halo'! As the articles I had been reading stated, the other birds weren't affected by it! The red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches were fine dining without pushy sparrows, and this morning a male cardinal and some goldfinches and chickadees were enjoying the sunflower seeds, but no sparrows! It's worked for two days, but I'll see how long it stays working. Until the sparrow deterrence stops, I am a firm believer  in magic halos! Create one for yourself, or waste $25 bucks on a already made one! Your choice! I guess  the theory was modled on that which seaside cities use to keep gulls away or somthing like that.


*NOTE: On second though, do NOT use string, as it would be easy for a bird to get tangled up in it... or so I read...


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it's a major

Your magic halo is so a major. Works like wild, man. Hung it up outsdie my glass and finally get to dig some cool feathered cats without sparrows bugging in. And totally far out spelling, dont aplogise! It's so liberating not to always be shackled in Perfectspellingsville. You cant groove life always woried about did I spell this right.

mgica halo for keeping sparrows at bay

I tried the magic halo and it worked just as described. The sparrows fly towards the feeder and fly right away without landing. The seed lasts much longer and now the chickadees and titmice can get the seed that they want. I wonder how it keeps them away? Works good, anyways.

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