Kestrel's Along State Route 28

   The week before Thanksgiving I saw my first American Kestrel along State Route 28 near Goshen. In fact, the trip concluded with me having seen four kestrels along the same route. I marvelled at having seen one for the first time, and yet the same day I saw them three seperate times (two single and one pair of two). Today, I was travelling the same route, but this time I saw the Kestrels between Martinsville and Goshen, with the first being sighted on a telephone wire right as I was leaving the outskirts of Martinsville. Before the trip ended, I had once again seen four kestrels.

   Though the sightings of the kestrel's were pleasing, I also saw another beautiful raptor species which I have been hoping to see for quite some time now: a Red-Shouldered Hawk. As with the kestrel's, I saw multiple. Five as it turns out. The first was perched in a tree infront of an abandoned house right off of State Route 28 on the outskirts of New Vienna. As the trip progressed, I kept on seeing them. One past Martinsville, one right before Goshen, etc. They are truly magnificent birds. As large as a Red-Tailed Hawk, but with a rust red breast and heavily ringed tail, they are a sight to behold (especially for the first time!).

   I also ended up seeing two other species which, for the time of year and location, are slightly unusual finds. The first was multiple Turkey Vultures, and the second was a solitary Great-Blue Heron flying across a large corn field surrounded by woods (and more corn fields). What I thought would be just another day turned out to be a extraordinary day for birds. Unfortunately, as it always goes, I had no camera and thus have no photos to show for it. However, I am happy just to have seen the birds.

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