Independence day shenanigans

   July fourth was a full day for me (and a day with alot of explosions). Admist a cookout, the shooting of a potato gun, and of course, it finished off with fireworks at the county seat. I decided to share some of my photos from the trip.

 photo DSC08241_zps9b907a3a.jpg

Before the show started, an American flag was raised in a bucket truck.

 photo DSC08236_zpsc6612532.jpg

While I waited for the fireworks to begin, I shot this photo of the moon.

 photo DSC08269_zpsc4871937.jpg

 photo DSC08328_zps1b83521d.jpg

 photo DSC08336_zps16e69f53.jpg

 photo DSC08305_zpscc800d11.jpg

 photo DSC08319_zpsc5b71d8b.jpg

 photo DSC08299_zpsbd275f52.jpg

 photo DSC08298_zpsa4a73c12.jpg

 photo DSC08296_zpsfcc428be.jpg

 photo DSC08337_zps33d8eb4f.jpg

A shot taken during the finale.

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