How to Help Us

   Want to give Birds of Ohio a hand? Here is a quick list of ways you can help us here at Birds of Ohio.

  1. Vote for us on Fat Birder by clicking the counter on the homepage and then clicking the green 'Enter and vote' button. That's all there is to it! (Just don't vote more than once per day)
  2. Vote for us on Blog Nation by clicking the 'Boost' button, and by clicking on our blog link.
  3. Submit your birding stories to us to be published on the blog page. Submit stories here.
  4. Submit your bird photos to be posted in a gallery on the homepage. Submit your photos here.
  5. Post comments on our articles and on the Eagle Cam page.
  6. Don't hesitate to contact us with any ideas or concerns that you may have. All visitor feedback is welcomed!

We really want to increase visitor participation on our website throughout 2014 and have many new plans in store for the new year. Have a happy new year, and as always, thanks for helping Birds of Ohio become Ohio's premier source for Ohio bird information!

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