Help Us Gather Bird Photos for Bird ID's!

   Birds of greatly needs your help! Each bird ID created needs a high-quality, crisp photo of the bird species being written about. If the male and female do not look alike, then a photo for both the male and female of that species is needed. Even a photo of nests, eggs, and juvenile bird species would be accepted. This is where you, our dedicated readers come in! Obviously I, Junior Barnes cannot take a perfect photo of every bird I see, though I really try hard too, and it greives me when I can't (I'm greived alot in this way). While I do indeed have many good photos and enough for about 35 bird ID's,



   There are still very many bird species that I do not have good pictures of. I was greived this very day in that way. Two belted kingfishers, as noisy as can be, and not one acceptable photo of them, though I did get one photo (not a keeper, but since it is the only kingfisher photo I have, I will keep it). Sniff...

 To upload a photo, go to our photo donation website, and read about how to donate and what we need. Check out the 'Needs List' to see what species are needed most. Be prepared... There are lots of birds we need photos of. Only birds on my life list are being focused on right now.

  Each photo will be credited with the photographers name, and it will be a great help, and will really help our website move forward. Thanks for reading, considering, donating, struggling through this post, or anything else!

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