Green Heron Adventures

  I saw my first ever green heron the other day, and since then I have learned alot. I will share a few of the things I know about them with you.


 Unlike the green heron's larger relative, the great blue heron, the green heron stands only a little over two feet tall, while the great blue heron boasts a height of about 3 feet. The green heron seems to have high intelligence. Green herons are know for using bait to lure in prey. A green heron has been known to use bread and insects for bait, dropping them in the water so that when a fish or frog comes near to eat it, the heron darts out with lightning speed and catches the fish-frog and then proceeds to eat it.


 While I was watching the green heron, it caught three fish in about five minutes. Here is a photo I took of it:

 Just below I posted a video I found on 10,000 Birds of a green heron doing just what I mentioned above: Using bread for bait to catch a fish. Pay close attention at the 1:30 section.

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green herons

Thanks for the info on green herons! Pretty birds, and interesting, too!
Enjoyed watching the video and learning about them. Will check to see if they live in my neck of the woods!

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