Frogs galore

   As this is a website dedicated to all things birds, it is rare that I post a article on some other topic, yet my topics are always related to the natural world in some way. And as you can guess by the title of this article, this is a post on a froggy experience that I had today.

   It started out as an ordinary birding trip through the woods behind my house, but when I found that the birds were few, and those that were around I see fairly often, I took a turn off of the trail and headed to the creek. The grass was short but the weeds were tall, but finally I had smashed a trail through to the creek, which, fortunately wasn't far. No sooner had I reached the creek I noticed a small frog sitting on the bank. After I had caught it, I estimated that it was probably about 1-1/2" long. It took me three tries before I caught the little stinker, but when I finally had and opened up my gentle cupped hand, I saw a long, black fleshy protrusion coming from it's posterior end. At first glance, I thought that something was terribly wrong with the little guy. But upon a quick inspection, I discovered somthing quite cool- this frog still had it's tail from tadpole stage! Of course I had to photograph my find, and the result is posted below:

In this photo you can clearly see the short tail remaining from it's tadpole stage.

   After releasing the little guy, I noticed that frogs were quite numerous in this part of the creek (indeed, I wasn't paying attention and actually picked up a spider that I *foolishly* assumed to be a minute tree frog), and in the wild frog hunt that ensued I also managed to catch and (I think) correctly identify a Blanchard's cricket frog.


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