Free Download(s) From JB Photography

   From now until January 2nd., you can choose from 6 special desktop wallpapers for FREE download! Go to the JB Photography 'Members' page here. You will then need to enter the password "ohbirds6" (without quotation marks) to be able to view the page. Below the download samples the login information needed to complete the downlaod on our website will be posted. Next, select one of the six photos and click the picture of the photo that you would like to download. You will then be redirected to the download page on our website, where you will be prompted for an email address and password to be able to complete the download (the information needed for login to complete the download has been posted below the photo samples on JB's website).

   Downloads only available for 14 days. Get your FREE download today!


Other info to remember:

  • REMEMBER "ohbirds6"
  • If you are not directed immediately to the 'Members'  page, it is the last page in the site menu.
  • The login information you need to complete the download is posted below the photos on JB's website.
  • Please log out when you are done.


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Great selection of photos! I like them all!

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