European Goldfinches Were Misnamed

   Many of you have read my 'Warbler Wars' article series, and  now I am adding a similar article: European Goldfinches Were Misnamed.

  Dale Forbes, the author of the articles I was writing my series about, sated at the end of his article full of invalid points and jealousy:

"Constructive ideas on naming norms and standards would be much appreciated.

Come on Americans, if you have it in you to invent great society-changing innovations such as Macdonalds Hamburgers, the Hummer and democratic capitalism, surely a small logical name change would not be that hard to do?"


 I have an idea! Use a more appropriate name for the European Goldfinch! The European part is fine, of course, but goldfinch? Seriously? Our warblers are more warblers than a European Goldfinch is gold.


Please Compare Their Bird:


With Our Bird:

American Goldfinch

  Ours is gold, and yours only has a tip of gold on the wing.

Consider this:


 We named this bird the Cedar Waxwing because of the red marking on the wing. It reminded the people that named this bird of red sealing wax. It wasn't named a red finch or whatever because they have a blotch of red on their wings. We named our warblers after your warblers because they reminded us of the old-world warblers, and you should take it as a compliment. After all, they are alot better looking then your warblers. Not get defensive about the matter. Just jealous that ours are better looking, are we?


  But on the other hand, your goldfinches were misnamed, and that is a fact. Ours are truly gold, and yours are brown with gold markings on the wings.

Come, Europeans. Name your birds appropriately, and don't attack ours because your jealous. Granted, some of yours are not misnamed, but this one surely is misnamed. How could someone have named it so wrong? How about red-masked finch or gold-winged finch? Either of those names would be much more fitting.

 Basic common sense names would be much appriciated. Come on Austrians, what note-worthy inventions came from Austria? Surely you can name a bird more accurately.


Hurray For American Birds!


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