Eagle Cam Moderated Chat Opens January 6

   Just a friendly reminder that on January 6th. the eagle cam Moderated Chat will be officially opening for the 2013 eagle cam season. It will probably open later in the evening, but if all goes better than planned (which it rarely does) it may open at noon (but probably not). Though the comenting portals will open on january 6th., not much moderation will take place. This is just a time when viewers with commoents or questions can submit them to be answered/posted later on. You also must remember that even though the moderated chat opens so early in the 2013 eagle nesting season, the eagles probably won't become common visitors to the nest until early-mid february. Occasionally (not commonly) the eagles don't lay their eggs until mid march. If all goes well with the eagles, they should be common by mid-late February.

 Have a happy new year,

   Junior Barnes, Birds of Ohio founder and webmaster.



Until the eagles become common ejoy the other birds and critters. ;)

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