DIY Tube Feeder Funnel Project

   Simple instructions on how to make a simple tube feeder funnel for simple people!


 Stuff you'll need:

  1. Kroger plastic water bottle
  2. Kroger peanut butter jar
  3. Scissors


   Step 1: Remove label from peanut butter jar and plastic water bottle and then discard the labels.

   Step 2: Count three ridges down from the top of the water bottle and cut the top off at the third ridge.

   Step 3: Pop on and off empty, clean peanut butter jar for a sturdy funnel for filling narrow openings such as those on tube feeders.



I used a Kroger bottle.


I used a Kroger peanut butter jar.


Cut bottle three ridges down from the top.


Top of water bottle and empty, clean peant butter jar.


Snap together to make one! A perfect fit. Take the lid off to let small seeds filter through.


   I guess it would be easier just to cut off the very bottom of the water bottle, but I already had a peanut butter jar I was using, and the water bottle top worked fine. Also, the peanut butter jar if sturdier than just an empty plastic water bottle. Plus is comes apart, which is cool. Anyways, there are the simple instructions for the thing. Mine is dusty in the above pictures because I have used it for quite a while. Works great!



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