Distractions from Webmaster Duties

   If you are a faithful reader, then you have most likely noticed that my website hasn't been updated as much as usual. However, there is a good reason for this lapse of webmasterial responsibility. As you may know, I am a deer hunter. And as you probably do not know, nearly two-and-a-half weeks ago, I saw the biggest buck that I have ever seen by my treestand (likened unto the buck on the homepage story carousel). Though only (I use the word 'only' loosely) an eight pointer, he has a rack that is truly a sight to behold. I have estimated the rack's width to have a spread of about 21". This is a very nice buck. And being the greedy deer hunter that I am, I want him (rather, I want his antlers). Now that you know why my duties as a webmaster have been put-on-hold (though not entirely), so to speak, I shall move on to another subject.

   Self control can be a downright terrible thing to have. In fact, as a hunter, it can be a nasty thing to have. Even the most determined hunter's self control in waiting to get the perfect shot (or any shot) at a large buck will soon dwindle away to nothing. However, I seem to have gotten an unusually large share of self-control. Indeed, my self-control left me in a state of mental turmoil not five days ago.

It happened in this way: Having seen 'my buck', I confidently informed everyone that I would hold my peace until I was able to shoot him. I further informed them that I would not settle for anything less, but would, of course, compromise if need be, and shoot a larger buck, though, as I must admit, I had doubts (and still do) that there are any larger bucks back there. Having made this descision, I waited patiently for nearly one-and-a-half-weeks for the buck. I saw him many times (and by 'many' I mean about 3), but not one single time was I able to get a shot at him. In a mix of fury and sadness, I scolded myself on being so dumb to think that I should get a shot at such a buck. Bucks do not get so large, I told myself, being careless. It was then that my self control ran out and I decided to shoot the next deer that cam into range (which was one promise that I did not keep).

   This buck closely resembles that which the webmaster is trying to get. Photo credit: Bing Images

   Soon after this, I happened to see 'my' buck again. He went after a doe (the rut was just beginning), and soon came back towards my tree stand. For nearly an hour he came closer and closer. My sisters word rang in my ears: "You'll never get him." I smiled in sheer smug confidence, imagining how I would rub it in that very night as my massive buck lay in the front yard, ready to be shipped off to the deer processors. However, my confidence was ill-founded. For though he came closer and closer, and after about forty-five minutes he was actually in range, my heart nearly skipped a beat. "This," I told myself, "is what i have been waiting for." Actually, I was wrong that day. It was nearly what I had been waiting for. He stopped directly infront of some badly-situated wild raspberry plants, making a effectual shot quite impossible, you see.

   It was then that it happened. What I dared not to think (the unthinkable, you might say) actually occurred. He turned, and slowly left, never giving me the shot that I had eagerly awaited, and also expected. And that, my dear reader is why I have been absent from my webmasterial duties. Because my self control showed itself again, and I once more decided to settle for no less than my buck. The rut having began, I tried a new tactic. A few days after the last event occurred, I baited the area with doe urine. Now all I had to do was wait for my prize. But this night, my buck must have been away, beacause a six point buck soon emerged from the woods, not far from one of my buck's scrapes (I have found three of his scrapes, and he most likely has some nearby that I haven't yet found). He followed the trail, waited and watched. In not more than five minutes he was in range, and the perfect shot awaited me.

   I longed to take the shot, but I had so many decisions to make: "If you wait, the big buck might come to chase him off and then you might get a shot." "What if the big buck is around and he sees you shoot this one? He'll never come back!" "I can only legally shoot one buck per season... do I want it to be this one when a buck so much larger is somewhere around?" "What will the people that I had so confidently told 'I won't settle for any less than my big buck' say?" I was assailed by these questions for quite some time, when I made my decision: I would let the buck go. And soon go he did, leaving me in bitter remorse at my decision, wishing I had not so much self control. But tonight I saw my big buck again, and my hope is restored (hopefully not in vain this time). And that my dear reader, I why I have been neglecting my duties as a webmaster.