Cornell Lab Teaches Myths as 'Facts'

   Today I received an email from Cornell Lab. Near the bottom of the email, it had the heading that read: "New BirdSleuth Website Brings a Little Paradise Into Classrooms". Below the heading was a photo of a bird of paradise, which said "Evolution in Paradise". I decided to investigate the article, so I grabbed my free download. It turns out, they teach about evolution. Not creation, mind you. I am a Christian, and the Bible says that God created everything, not that it evolved. Also, evolution was scientifically proven wrong, yet the lessons that Cornell has compiled do not tell you this. Infact, I didn't see creation mentioned anywhere (please not that I didn't read the entire lesson). I am very fortunate to have been able to go to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. The museum has tons of helpful resources on the subject of evolution. Also, their website has alot of free resources, also. If you believe in evolution, I recommend this article on Answer in Genesis' website: Evolution? Impossible!

   The article has a very helpful 21/2 minute video, also. It mentions one point that by itself tears the theory of evolution apart. At the 1:02 mark in the video, it says this: "There is no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organisms genetic code"

   In the evolution process, say, an ape evolving into a human, genetic information would have to be added, but this can't happen! Earlier in the video it states that science proves that over time, organisms lose genetic information. THEY DO NOT GAIN IT! Also, evolution is a theory, not a scientific law! A scientific theory hasn't been proved with large ammounts of data, observations, and experiments. A scientific law has. And, evolution isn't a law. It is a theory!


 Cornell's lesson included two definitions that I will post:


evolution—an ongoing process in which species change over time. The diversity of life we see today is the result of the evolutionary process.

evolutionary biologist—a scientist who studies evolutionary processes as well as the evolutionary history of and relationships between organisms.


   Evolution isn't true! It has been proven wrong! Cornell's lessons (sadly) teach a myth!

Enough said. Check out AiG's article about evolution here:

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