Cold Front in Ohio May Incease Feeder Visits

 A cold front is supposed to sweep through Ohio starting on Sunday. Temperatures are supposed to plummet throughout the state, and the temperatures will be up to 17o cooler than the day before. The days after are supposed to be even cooler while the temperature continues to drop about 6o more, and four more degrees the day after that. This weather has the potential to bring in lots of visitors to your bird feeders. Here are a few tips to maximize your bird feeding experience the day of the cold front arrival.

  • The night before the temperature drop, clean your feeders and refill them so that they are ready for the next day full of feeder activity.
  • Put out a source of water. Even in cold weather birds will take baths, and also they will appreciate the source of drinking water. The water should be lukewarm, not hot.
  • Fill all of your feeders with enough seed to last the day, preferably the night before the front. This will have the feeders ready the second the first bird arrives in the morning. 
  • Make sure enough suet is out to last the day. The lard in suet gives the birds enough energy to keep them warm all through the day and night. It isn't uncommon to see birds at your suet at dusk loading up on this high-fat food to give them lots of energy, especially if it is cold out.
  • Try using two types of seeds and/or seed mixes. The variety will be sure to keep any bird that arrives happy, no matter what its diet preferences are.

   A cold day is sure to bring in alot of birds, especially if it snows. Be sure to have your feeders ready, and charge your camera battery the night before!

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