Birds of Ohio Field Checklist to be Released Soon!

   Bird of Ohio is pleased to announce a new soon-to-be-released project that is currently underway and will be completed before long. The Birds of Ohio Field Checklist! This checklist will list all bird species that have been seen in Ohio at least eleven times since January 2012. Each species will be noted with a letter which will show whether or not the species is common, fairly common, or rare in Ohio. Each species will also have room for field notes and a checkbox for sightings. After the first initial publishing, the checklist will be revised and then the product of the editing will be posted as a new version of the checklist. The checklist will be free to download for anyone. The first page of the checklist is available for preview here: Field Checklist Preview.pdf (203,3 kB)

Feedback is both welcomed and encouraged.


The Birds of Ohio Field Checklist version 1.0 is now available.

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