Barred Owls Being Killed to Save Spotted Owls

   The federal plan to begin killing Barred Owls to protect the Spotted Owl population in some areas of California, Oregon and Washington is moving forward. The plan approves the killing of 3,600 Barred Owls. The reason for the plan is that Barred Owls have been named the chief threat to the near-threatened Spotted Owl population.

   The method of removal will be both "Lethal and non-lethal methods", accroding to the Fish and Wildlife Service1. The non-lethal method will be to trap the owls and relocate them. However, the lethal method will consist of calling in the birds with recordings and then shooting any birds that come into range.

"All lethal removal should be done by shotgun of 20 gauge or larger bore, using non-toxic lead substitute (e.g., Hevi-shot) shot. Lead shot should not be used. Rifles, pistols, or other firearms or methods are not authorized under this protocol. We recommend using a shotgun with a full choke." Said the FWS.




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Should Barred Owls be removed to protect a near-threatened species?

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