Barn swallow nest

   As you probably know, I am a swallow fanatic. In my most recent article, I talked about various types of swallows and why I like them so much. But it probably won't surprise you when I say that I am thrilled to have a pair of barn swallows nesting in my barn. I remember years ago there were many pairs of swallows that nested in my barn every year. I am guessing that at least four pairs would nest in the barn without failing every single year. But about four years ago that all stopped. For some reason, no barn swallows visited my barn for a two year long period. But then last year a pair came in, built a nest, and laid five eggs. So why am I so happy to have a pair this year (besides the fact that I love them, of course)? Because last year the parents abandoned the nest (or were killed, I don't know which). This year I hope the parents are successful in hatching and raising their young to the point of fledging.

   At the beginning of the spring, I thought that no swallows were nesting in the barn once again, but then I found somthing interesting: the pair is using a four year-old nest with a large crack reaching from the top right corner and bending around under the top, about an inch down from the very top edge. The nest is actually built right around a piece of old fark equipment hanging on a nail from a rafter. I am slightly fearful that the nest will fall out when the eggs hatch due to the ever-increasing weight of four baby swallows, but only time will tell if the outcome is successul or not. Below is a photo of the nest itself, and then a photo of inside the nest.

 photo DSC07985_zps63d24643.jpg

 photo DSC07984_zpsaa4ab21c.jpg

   The last photo above was taken when there were only two eggs, but now there are four. I hope for a successful outcome, and will be back (once again, hopefully) with more photos later.


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