Bald Eagle Moderated Discussion Opening Date Changed

   Today, December 13, the opening date of the bald eagle moderated discussion was pushed back from December 20th. to January 6th. The reason for the change is that the eagles don't really frequent the nest until it is near the time for an egg to be laid. Usually the Decorah eagle pair do not lay eggs until late January or mid February. This means the eagles may not even be active at the nest until February. Also, we still do not know whether the eagles are intending to use the new alternate nest or if they are going to use the old nest for another season. This will give us a MD (moderated discussion) starting date closer to when the eagles will actually lay eggs.

   In the event that the eagles would choose to use the alternate nest instead, the cam would be offline for the season because no cams could be installed in the new nest this nesting season, but the MD would remain open for questions, though it may not be moderated as often as if the eagles were in the nest. If the new nest is used, we will continue to post occasional photos and nesting updates for the eagle pair. Check back on January 6th. for the opening day of the eagle cam moderated discussion!

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